Love and Fear

Early in my priesthood I read a book by Henri Nouwen (see in “resources”) which helped me understand the interplay of love and fear which is central to all of life. Nouwen used the metaphors of “The House of Love” and “The House of Fear” to illustrate both Jesus’s defining passions as well as what drove Jesus’s detractors to kill him. Love and Fear have their own distinct palpable energies which either encourage or impede creative thinking, wisdom, connectivity, and fruitful action. My foundational book, 8 Habits of Love, unpacks the dynamics of love and fear and how we can become aware of and liberate ourselves from the grip of fear.


Cover Story, The Reverend Ed Bacon


Choose Your Own Religion, Living with Grace with Rev. Ed Bacon

The Rev. Ed Bacon (Oprah’s Super Soul 100, author “8 Habits of Love”) returns to the show to talk more about modern Christianity–living with grace, healthy boundaries, how to have conviction with humility, and even how to love a certain president.

Multimedia & Resources

Ed Bacon's 8 Habits of Love: Overcome Fear and Transform Your Life

A spiritual guidebook to living life through love and connection, not fear and isolation, by a respected pastor and a frequent guest on Oprah's Soul Series.

Henri Nouwen’s LifeSigns

A book describing how love and fear operated in Jesus’s life and ministry.

Rabbi Edwin Friedman’s Generation to Generation and Failure of Nerve

Two books describing how chronic anxiety operates in families, congregations, and other emotional systems to obstruct maturity and courageous and differentiated leadership.

Bridget Fonger's podcast series called “Heroes of Love”

An important podcast for understanding how all these passions intertwine.

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