Dismantling Modern “Isms”

Old fashioned racism was easy to detect during America’s ugly chapter on Jim Crow legal segregation. Since the 1960s Civil Rights Movement victories, racism has not ended but has morphed into pernicious expressions of bigotry that include mass incarceration of persons of color, police shootings of unarmed African Americans and other persons of color, and many other culturally accepted forms of discrimination perpetuating a societal privilege enjoyed by white people. The word, “white” carries with it a hidden message of white supremacy. Too frequently religion is the delivery system for white supremacy, particularly in White Evangelical circles. Unfortunately racism is not the only “ism,” in bigotry’s toxic mix. Discrimination against women, LGBTQ members of the human family, persons with disabilities, and on and on gets perpetuated in an ideology of supremacy and domination.

For 15 years I have studied with a group called VISIONS to help me identify supremacy within my own thoughts, feelings, and actions. With their help I am on a journey of greater awareness of difference, privilege, and the celebration of difference.

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