Rethinking Christianity
(and all religion)

I’ve come to understand one on-going theme of my life as a deconstruction of the religious narrative assigned to me as a child. That narrative was of a white male God up there and out there whose anger had to be soothed by the torturous death of “His” son. At the same time, I had an amazing spiritual experience of God loving each of us “the most.” Since intentionally deconstructing that toxic narrative I have also been reconstructing and discovering within me and within the religion of Jesus a love-based faith that is non-bigoted, science-friendly, and justice-promoting.


The Journey to Wholeness in a Time of Polarization

With Paul Young & Ed Bacon

Multimedia & Resources

Henri Nouwen’s LifeSigns

A book describing how love and fear operated in Jesus’s life and ministry.

Rabbi Edwin Friedman’s Generation to Generation and Failure of Nerve

Two books describing how chronic anxiety operates in families, congregations, and other emotional systems to obstruct maturity and courageous and differentiated leadership.

The books of Richard Rohr

The books of Marcus Borg

The books of Thomas Merton

The books of Ilia Delio

“Faithful Dissent: Loving Our Way into a Brighter Tomorrow with Ed Bacon and Stanley Hauerwas”

America’s Theologian and Social Activist to Teach Free, Online Course

My work with Oprah Winfrey is usually of interest to those interested in the way I see life and spirituality.

Here are links to the central conversations Ms. Winfrey and I have had.

“Love is the Center of Everything”, an interview with friend, Steve Austin.

Here is how my rethinking Christianity applies to understanding three levels of the Sermon on the Mount.

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